2018 05/20
Sailun Tire 2018 D1GP Racing Sponsorship Sailun Tire announced their new drifting sponsorship for the 2018 D1 Grand Prix in China during the Guangrao Rubber and Tire Exhibition.
2018 05/10
Sailun Jinyu Showcases “Black” Tire Technology at the Chinese Brand Exhibition At the first Chinese Brand Exhibition on May 10th, Sailun Jinyu Group showed off interesting tech as one of their key products.
2018 05/03
Automechanika Dubai 2018 Automechanika Dubai is the largest and most represented auto & auto spare parts exhibition in the Middle East covering all elements of the automotive industry including spare parts, repair, accessories, recycling, disposal and services.
2018 04/25
Powered by Sailun–Aligning with Maybach On the first day of the 2018 Beijing International Auto Exhibition, Mercedes was in the spotlight as they debuted their Maybach Luxury SUV concept.
2018 04/21
Sailun Jinyu MAXAM OTR’s First Participation in the 2018 Vietnam Mining Exhibition The fourth Vietnam Mining Exhibition was held from April 18th to the 20th at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hanoi, Vietnam.
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