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Sailun Showcases “Black” Tire Technology at the Chinese Brand Exhibition

Date:2018/05/10 From:Sailun Group Hits:1221

Do you believe that a tire has its own “identification” and can “speak for itself”? Why are there studs on the tire? We are used to seeing traditional black tires, but have you ever seen a colorized tire? Well, at the first Chinese Brand Exhibition on May 10th, Sailun Group showed off this interesting tech as one of their key products.

The Chinese Brand Exhibitions, also known as Chinese Brand Day, is a jointly hosted event by seven governmental commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission in Shanghai. Being a nationally recognized brand, Sailun Group was invited to display its high-tech tire products including Green, Safety, and Intelligent tire series at the Qingdao booth.

The goal of the event is to “share Chinese brands with the world.” During the three day exhibition, more than 50 domestic exhibitors, including Sailun Group, 600 domestic brand enterprises, 100 small and medium innovative enterprises, and 20 brand service institutions gathered in this exhibition and charmed visitors with their Chinese brand products.

The first domestic A-share listed private tire company, Sailun Group focuses on building brands and high quality products. This is why the organization has developed an extensive line of PCR, TBR and OTR tire products. Sailun Group continually invests in R&D and thus has reached an advanced, world-recognized status in R&D, equipment technology, production, and brand marketing.

Sailun Group’s main brands, Sailun and Maxam, made an appearance at the exhibition. Within these brands were specialized products such as the Level “AA” green tire, RFID smart tire, studdable winter tire, run-flat tire, high-performance wide based tire, and gold sidewall tire that attracted specialist customer attention.

It is known that the Level “AA” Green tire,YS82, produced by Sailun Group uses special Silica-modified hybrid technology, structure design technology, and production technology to provide special rolling resistance performance. The rolling resistance of this tire is reduced by 20% compared to ordinary tires and fuel consumption is reduced by more than 5% without losing any safety performance of tire. In addition, the friction produced by this tire has great significance in reducing accident rates. The tire has reached “AA” grading in rolling resistance, wet resistance, and safety testing. Sailun Group is one of the few enterprises in the world tire industry that owns this technology, and also the first enterprise in China that has the capability to manufacture EU “AA” grade tires.

Sailun Group has also pioneered the development of RFID smart tires with “electronic ID cards” in China. RFID tires enable the important information of the tires’ lifecycle to be written in the process of manufacturing, which can realize the transmission of tire pressure, temperature, speed, and other environmental information in real time. Moreover, RFID tires can accurately judge the information and provide emergency solutions. It will make a tire more "wise" and able to "speak for itself". In addition, Sailun Group constantly keeps up with the market demand to broaden product lines, such as the stubbable winter tires which can ensure maximum driving safety, the run-flat tires which has both of comfort and safety performance, the luxury sport ultra-high performance wide based tires, and the more aesthetically pleasing gold sidewall tires which breaks the mold of the traditional tire. All of these diversified products are popular in the market.

At present, Chinese economic development has entered a new stage. Strengthening brand establishment is beneficial to the transformation from an economic giant to an economic power, from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands. Currently, the tire industry faces many problems, such as overcapacity, and growing domestic market demand for high quality products. At the same time, with the acceleration of internationalization, it is urgent for domestic tire manufacturers to strengthen their brand identity and positions. As a leading tire brand enterprise, Sailun Group will continue to strengthen confidence by improving its own brands, providing excellent products and services, and becoming the most trusted Chinese brand in the global tire industry.