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Sailun Myanmar New Product Launch

Date:2018/08/16 From:Sailun Group Hits:980

Sailun Tire and their exclusive Myanmar distributor held a joint New Product Launch from August 12th-14th for over 500 distributors.

The newly launched products have been specially designed by the Sailun R&D engineers for Myanmar over years of market research and testing. Local testing done by the team has already begun to pay off with excellent results, providing an exceptional outlook for their growth within the market.


Of the numerous attendees invited to participate were representatives from the Myanmar government, including the President of the Myanmar Transport Association and local oil, transportation, mining, and bus companies.

David Ji, General Manager of Sailun Tire, had this to say during his speech: "This is the first major product launch event held in conjunction with our Myanmar distributors. These new, tailor-made products are bound to bring new business opportunities and growth. We have a long-term commitment to the Myanmar market and will continue to invest resources and technology to provide more specialized products and services to the Myanmar market."


During the conference, Sailun TBR engineers provided detailed explanations of each new product, along with the Myanmar testing data, and provided solutions to current customer usage problems.

Customers commented after the event that they are very appreciative of Sailun for providing such thorough information and support, and are very confident in the capabilities and value of the newest products to enter the market.