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Sailun Drifting Team Takes Second in Round 2 of China's D1GP

Date:2018/08/17 From:Sailun Group Hits:902

 A great ending at stop two of the Chinese D1 Grand Prix (D1GP); the Sailun sponsored Tetsuya Hibino takes second place over 50 other global teams at the Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park.

The scorching heat in Hangzhou was a new obstacle to overcome at the second stop of the China D1GP. Drivers from around the world sweat through the heat, passing each checkpoint to reach the fi­nals. Hibino, Sailun's lead driver, directly entered into the quarterfi­nals due to his top eight quali­fication in D1GP’s fi­rst stop, Beijing.


Hibino was matched up with Toyo's Kawabata Masato for the championship race of the drift chase competition. The speed and exquisite skills displayed by these world-class drivers was a visual feast for the audience. After the dust settled and the points were tallied, everyone was surprised to see a draw - 21:21! A winner had to be chosen! Judges called for a re-run, and Sailun's Hibino ended up placing second with only a 0.5 point difference (21:21.5).


Hibino had this to say about the current performance of the Sailun drifting tire: “I'd like to thank Sailun Tire for developing such a solid product that compliments my own driving style. The R&D research put into the product makes me extremely con­fident during our competitions and I'm certain we will achieve great success together in the future!”


The performance of the tire while drifting directly determines the performance at the event. During the Hangzhou competition, surface temperatures reached as high as 60 degrees, helping test the performance of Sailun's new drifting tire. Sailun Tire takes part in professional racing events to accumulate professional technical experience which improves product research and development capabilities.


The 2018 D1GP is the ­first professional drifting event Sailun Tire has participated in. Results have already been exceptional and are a testament to the comprehensive strength of Sailun's R&D.


Keep an eye out for Sailun Tire's Tetsuya Hibino in Round 3 of the China D1GP!

Next stop: Qingdao on October 20th!