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Sailun Continues Support for World Child Cancer Charity

Date:2018/08/27 From:Sailun Group Hits:853

On August 24th, Sailun hosted the World Child Cancer (WCC) charity organization at Le Méridien, Qingdao to promote WCC’s fight against children's cancer. During the event, General Manager David Ji presented a 50,000 Euro cheque from Sailun Group to WCC's CEO Jon Rosser and Director of Fundraising and Communications, Adam O'Kane.

Currently, more than 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year, while many thousands will die without even a diagnosis. Cancer has become the number one cause of death for children. In developed countries, more than 80% of cancer patients survive, however, in less developed countries, children's cancer survival rate is as low as 10%. WCC helps to improve the survival rate of cancer children in these developing countries by partnering local hospitals with hospitals in developed countries.


As the exclusive tire industry donor, Sailun began raising money for WCC back in 2015 through various fundraising initiatives and direct donations in Europe. As of today, Sailun and Sailun brand distributors have helped raise over 150,000 Euros to help children with cancer around the world.


David Ji had this to say during the event:“The survival and development of an enterprise depends on the healthy development of the society, and as a result, the success of the enterprise should be returned to society. In recent years, WCC has made remarkable achievements in helping local medical institutions improve the level of childhood cancer medical care and continuously improve the survival rates of cancer. As a strong supporter, Sailun Group will continue to work with WCC to contribute to the cause of childhood cancer prevention, helping more suffering children receive timely and effective treatment and bring them more love and care.”


Mr. Jon Rosser, CEO of WCC, expressed his gratitude to the company for its generous donation and praised the fundraising initiatives launched since 2015 in Europe. “The funds raised have saved the lives of countless children. Today, I am even more pleased to receive another donation, which will bring hope for many children to survive and live long lives!”


While Sailun Group continues to provide high-quality tire products globally, it has also actively pursued its social responsibilities through donations to the earthquake-stricken areas in Ya'an, to outstanding students from the Qingdao Charity Federation and local schools, and Sun Desheng University in Vietnam. In September 2017, Sailun Group set up a charity foundation to carry out social charity activities including poverty alleviation, disaster relief, medical treatment, and student aid. Now, Sailun Group and WCC are committed to the support of families and children around the world affected by childhood cancer.


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