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Return of the King! Sailun Drift Team Dominates Qingdao D1GP!

Date:2018/10/22 From:Sailun Group Hits:947

Following the Beijing and Hangzhou races, on October 20th D1 Grand Prix kicked off again at their third location, Qingdao, Shandong. More than 50 top drifting drivers from China, Japan, Thailand and other countries fought against each other in fi­erce and thrilling competition. At the end of the day, and through all the trials from Beijing and Hangzhou, Sailun Drift Team came out with the 1st place position thanks to the amazing driving ability of Hibino.

The D1 Grand Prix is one of the few world-class professional drift races certifi­ed by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and is known as the F1 in the drifting world. Since the D1 drifting competition officially entered China in 2016, it has not only set an example for the world's 40 countries that are engaged in drifting, but also provided a more advanced competitive stage for drifting drivers at home and abroad.


For high-quality tires, such top-level events are the best venue for testing products. In May of this year, the Sailun Drift team held a press conference for the 2018 D1 Grand Prix China Cup in Guangrao, and announced that they would join this year's competition. Now, with the determination to win, the Sailun Drift Team races to become the world's D1GP champions!


Compared with other drifting events, the D1 competition has higher requirements for tire grip performance and handling, this means brand manufacturers need to produce drift tires that are signi­ficantly different from the standard. Different needs of the user and harsh conditions help determine these specific requirements. In the product development process, Sailun Group invested a substantial amount of money, tested a variety of technical applications (i.e. pattern design, formula improvements, structure optimization) and poured a lot of effort into the technical team to greatly improve handling and grip performance. The end goal, of course, is to apply these improvements into the production of ordinary tires and comprehensively improve the performance of all products which is great news for consumers.