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Sailun Crowned Champion at 2018 D1GP Final Stop, Shenzhen

Date:2018/11/20 From:Sailun Group Hits:1040

Over two days of grueling competition, the Sailun Drift Team lived up to expectations as they claimed victory at the fourth, and fi­nal stop in the 2018 China D1GP. This stop ended up being the highlight of the year for Sailun’s main driver, Hibino Tetsuya. Taking ­first in both the singles and drift chase races, Hibino tore through the competition earning his highest score out of all his 2018 competitions.


Among the various types of car races, drifting is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining. Walking on the edge of control and chaos, it not only tests the driver's skills, but also has extraordinary requirements for the tires. Among those requirements are wear resistance, grip, tire rigidity, and balance. Drivers believe that a high-performance tire has an irreplaceable effect on the competition and are a main factor in merging the driver and the vehicle. In the development of drift tires, Sailun Group has strict standards and is well versed in technology research. Our global R&D network allows for local market research, product planning, formula development, and structural design to create tire products specifi­cally designed for that market or application.


According to China Tire Business Network (, Shenzhen is the only stop that was done in an indoor stadium. The newly laid track is quite different in terms of layout and road adhesion. One could say that the environment is one of the best for testing driver’s skills and their tire products. Through their eyebrow-raising show and relying on Hibino’s skills and Sailun’s high-quality tire products, the team conquered the audience and the competition.


Drivers, technicians and other staff members from all teams gave high praise to the Sailun R&D team and agreed that their tire’s performance was exceptional. Hibino stated, "Sailun's products and strengths are obvious to all. We think it is the best tire in the D1 competition this year." According to the Sailun technical team, they will record a large amount of data after each race and quickly improve areas based on the drift team’s feedback. This was a de­fining factor to the success of the Sailun Drift Team.


This is only the ­first year the Sailun Drift Team has participated in the China D1GP, and there is already a noticeable climb in rank, all the way to the top in fact! Undoubtedly, the trophy behind the team cannot be separated from the strong technical strength of Sailun Group and the huge investment in research and development in drift tires. Sailun plans to continue moving forward and plan on entering the more difficult Japanese D1, the United States FD and other top international competitions. Only through participating in a variety of high-level professional car races can we continue to certify and improve quality and R&D capabilities.