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Make Great Tires in the New Era – 2019 Sailun Group Annual Conference

Date:2019/01/27 From:Sailun Group Hits:1136

On the morning of January 27th, the 2019 Sailun Group Annual Conference was held in the academic lecture hall of Qingdao Rubber Valley, the headquarters of Sailun Group. The theme for this year was "Make Great Tires in the New Era".

The conference kicked off with a video review of 2018 covering the development path of Sailun Group over the past years.

The conference was hosted by Zhou Bo, Vice President of Sailun Group.

Firstly, Executive Vice President Liu Yanhua summarized the overall development of Sailun Group in 2018.

Liu Yanhua’s speech focused on the strategy and direction of Sailun Group from three aspects: advantages and resources, strategic goals and realization paths, and requirements for future teams and organizations.

Executive Vice President Wang Jianye issued Sailun Group 2019 key strategic tasks.

Yuan Zhongxue, Chairman and President of Sailun Group, made a passionate and sincere speech with the theme of “Persistence and Dreams”, his key remarks were, “Dreams can come true if you choose the right path and stick to it!"

Mr. Yuan said that the unique advantages of industry-university-research partnerships and the business model of deep integration of the industrial chain made our dreams at the beginning of the century become a reality today. Although there is still a gap in many aspects, the basic form of the autonomous technology, intelligent manufacturing, international brand, and group management has been formed in Sailun. Sailun will focus on improving its manufacturing capability, product capability and brand capability driven by its strategic capability well into the future.

In the face of complex and changing external environment, Mr. Yuan encourages everyone to have an optimistic attitude, kindness for others and the concept of helping others and teamwork.

Mr. Yuan also highlighted two sets of key words, one is long-term and persistence, and the other is direction and goal. Looking forward to the future, the development path of the Sailun Group is still a long way to go, it will take several generations, but we believe that the road will only become brighter. In order to achieve a common goal, a group of people will spend their lifetime with one mind to complete that one mission - Make Great Tires.