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Sailun Rally Team Crowned Champions of the 2019 Silk Way Rally

Date:2019/07/19 From:Sailun Group Hits:715

On July 16th, 2019 Silk Way Rally came to a successful end in Dunhuang, Gansu. The three teams of Sailun Tire Zhengzhou Nissan Navara Team completed the 5,000km race over a 10 day period, and in the end claimed the championship position and third place position of the “op6.2” group. The team also won the first three places in the international section of the China Cross Country Rally and the first and third places in the domestic section. The Sailun Rally Team was crowned with three champion titles in total.

As one of the world's top long-distance cross-country rally events, 2019 Silk Way Rally has been harder and more competitive than ever with world-class opponents joining the fray. The Sailun Rally Team, as the only representative of Chinese national brands to participate in the “mass production group” competition, had an insurmountable amount of expectations from the start. However, the experience of the team did not weight them down. Full of confidence, and in the face of harsh conditions and strong competitors, the team implemented their pre-match strategy and tactics, and stood out in the international competitions to prove the strength of Chinese national brands to the world.

After the competition, the team manager of Sailun Tire Zhengzhou Nissan Navara Team, Yin Lixin said during his interview, “this year’s competition was a challenge for us. In the face of the mud and gravel conditions in the birch forest near the Lake Baikal, the Gobi of the Mongolian plateau, and the China Badain Jaran desert, we were constantly worried about the possibility of running into complications with our tires. In the end, Sailun Tire products, with its excellent performance and stable quality, ensured the car safely arrived in Dunhuang without any problems. Sailun Tire is indeed the quality product chosen by champions.”

In order to “Make Great Tires”, Sailun Group continuously accumulates professional technical experience through racing competitions to improve product research and development capabilities. 2019 Silk Way Rally is the first time that Sailun has participated in a top international automobile sports event. The excellent results help to prove the growth and comprehensive strength of Sailun Group in the research and development of specialized racing tire products.

Moving forward, Sailun Group will continue focus on its mission to "Make Great Tires", take “building a global famous brand” as our main responsibility, and actively participate in all kinds of competitions. Through these types of racing events, we can more intuitively show our product strength to the majority of consumers, create a new competitive advantage of Chinese national brands, and strive to provide better products and services for global tire users.