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Date:2019/07/23 From:Sailun Group Hits:634

Russia, the largest country in the world, with its magnificent mountains and rivers, as well as its varied rugged terrain, is the perfect environment to test Sailun’s Terramax A/T. This is the second time Sailun has held the “Pushing the Limits” event; the last time was held back in 2017 during the Taklimakan Rally in Northwest China. This year’s event was held during the 2019 Silk Way Rally in the beautiful city of Irkutsk by Lake Baikal. Sailun invited more than 30 clients from the Middle East, Europe and Russia to participate in the event from July 5th to the 8th. Their goal was to push themselves and the Terramax A/T to its limits in an extremely arduous cross-country journey.

On July 5th, the team departed from Irkutsk North Sea hotel to the first stop of the journey, the base camp of 2019 Silk Way Rally. Silk Way Rally is the world's second largest intercontinental rally after Dakar, attracting numerous rally drivers from all over the world. The client team’s first stop was a visit to the site of the Sailun Tire Zhengzhou Nissan Navara Team sponsored by Sailun Group. Here they were given an in-depth introduction to the event and racing cars directly from the team. The Sailun Rally team also uses Sailun Terramax A/T tires in many of their races and gave high praise on the performance of the tires, building up the expectation for the journey ahead. After their meeting with the Sailun Rally team manager and photo opportunities, the drivers then took off for their next destination, Olkhon Island.

Olkhon Island is located in Lake Baikal and contains a complex and varied terrain that makes it a popular area for off-road enthusiasts. Rugged roads, sharp rocks, sand, trees, bushes, wet mud; these complex terrains were the perfect conditions to test the excellent performance of Sailun Terramax A/T tires. The tire’s wide tread pattern provided excellent grip and traction performance, and the firm sidewall of the tires maintained stability on every sharp turn. This year’s event also gave clients more control over the route they took as each had the opportunity to sit in the driver's seat, test their driving skills, and truly enjoy the excellent off-road driving experience with the Terramax A/T. When night fell, the cool wind from Lake Baikal and local specialties were there to clear away the fatigue and bustle of the day.

The last part of the trip sought to test Terramax A/T’s on-road, high-speed performance by taking them on the highways around the city. No matter how fast they drove, Terramax A/T’s sturdy and safe design kept the group safe on the road. In the end, the team successfully completed the arduous journey, gaining not only trust in the Sailun brand and Terramax A/T tires, but also an unforgettable experience in one part of the amazing Russian Far East.