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5G+AI Empowers Traditional Manufacturing – Sailun 5G+AI Strategic Map Released

Date:2019/07/30 From:Sailun Group Hits:450

On July 26th, the 2019 World Industrial Internet Conference (WIIC) parallel forum was held by Sailun Group in Qingdao with the topic of “5G+AI Empowers Traditional Manufacturing”. More than 300 people including leaders from the China Society of Automotive Engineers, China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Telecom Shandong Branch, China Telecom Global, the city officials of Shenyang, Dongying, Qingdao, and other industry experts, representatives of major universities, research institutions, financial institutions, and automobile manufacturers attended this forum.

Yuan Zhongxue, the executive deputy director of National Engineering Research Center for Rubber and Tire and chairman of Sailun Group, extended welcome and thanks to all the distinguished guests. He said, “The traditional manufacturing industry is facing a major adjustment and transformation that has not been seen over the past century. The emergence of the fourth industrial revolution and the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry are forming a historic intersection”. He hopes that through this forum, we will have chance to explore more new development capabilities for traditional manufacturing in order to create resounding changes of this era, and to make China rubber tire industry the new standard in the world. He also hopes Sailun Group can use this new industrial internet resource to develop multi-layer strategic cooperation, create a high quality manufacturing system, and "Make Great Tires" for global users.

During the keynote speech, authoritative experts in the industry and representatives of industrial Internet enterprises focused on the topic of “5G+AI Empowers Traditional Manufacturing” and commenced in-depth discussions on how to promote collaborative innovation and integrated development of the global Internet and industry. Zhu Xiaobing, the vice President of Sailun Group, gave a speech about “Practicing Industrial Interconnection and Promoting Industrial Upgrading". He said in the report that the global industrial Internet is going through a critical period of undetermined industrial structure and a window period of scale expansion. As the only "Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Enterprise" of the tire industry approved by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Sailun Group takes the lead in exploring the application of industrial Internet and forms an industrial demonstration, which is the mission and responsibility entrusted by the country. The Internet platform built by Sailun Group is not only for “designing, producing and delivering good tires,” but also for “managing all business scenarios” and, to a greater extent, “connecting upstream and downstream industry chains to combine scale manufacturing capabilities based on flexible manufacturing and customized formulas”. Sailun Group will provide the next generation of smart tire products and services for the end users to realize true added value. 

During the report, Zhu Xiaobing also released the 5G+AI strategic map of Sailun Group. Based on the exploration and application of the industrial Internet, under the guidance of industry experts and the support of partners, Sailun Group planned 25 key business scenarios in industrial Internet, 5G, AI and other aspects, and formed a strategic map.

A signing ceremony of “the strategic cooperation agreement between Sailun Group, China Telecom, and 5G industrial Internet laboratory” was held during the forum. Zhang Qixiang, the GM of China Telecom Qingdao branch, and Liu Yanhua, the executive vice President of Sailun Group, signed the contract on behalf of the two parties.

With the advent of the 5G era, the next great revolution for tire manufacturing technology is on the horizon. Sailun Group has always been at the forefront of the industry as the first radial tire information production demonstration base in China. It has continually promoted the informatization and industrialization of the manufacturing industry, and the transformation and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing. In recent years, Sailun Group has been promoting the construction of industrial Internet, taking the lead in exploring the application of 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other new generation information technologies in the tire industry, which has played a good role in industry demonstration. On the other hand, China Telecom has its own advantages in 5G infrastructure, testing architecture, technical means and other aspects.

With the support of China Telecom, Sailun Group will carry out several key projects of 5G application, such as high-definition video signal wireless return, vehicle tracking and real-time monitoring of factory logistics, and AR remote maintenance based on the 5G network. The establishment of 5G intelligent industrial laboratories will further deepen the strategic cooperation between China Telecom and Sailun Group in the field of 5G application, and promote the exploration and application of rubber tire industry in the field of industrial Internet, 5G, AI and other new generation information technology.